BofA, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and John Key or how Every Time a Banker Opens his Mouth he’s Lying

Why do we allow a bunch of thieves to destroy our country?

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

According to John Key the “products” now destroying the global economy were developed after he left the banking world. That doesn’t sit well with me because like most things John Key says when he opens his mouth it’s a lie and here is why:

Even if you accept that according to most financial pundits Blythe Masters of JP Morgan Chase was the inventor of the Collateral Default Swap or CDS now generally seen as the financial instrument causing the collapse of the entire global economy these instruments of Mass destruction were developed in 1993, well before John Key left the banking world. In fact a Nobel price winning economist called predicted in 1993 that these CDS’s would one day collapse the entire financial system.

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The Maori Party Sellout State Housing

Te Wharepora Hou

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 10.58.20 pm.png  Materoa Kanuta decorates the wall of her state house with photographic memories from the 50 years she and her family have lived there.

A total of 1/3 of all Maori live in state homes. These homes for decades have provided Maori with a place to bring up their children  and care for their elders. These state homes have ensured that generations have been able to thrive because they have shelter. I grew up in a state house at 66 Idlewild Avenue, Mangere. Before the disastrous impact of Rodger Douglas’s & Ruth Richardson’s economic fundamentalism, Mangere was a close knit and vibrant suburb of Auckland. We lived, worked and played together, our homes were always open to each other, we shared the best and worst of times, we cared for each other, we were a community.

The Tamaki Housing Group warned us years ago that the policy of transferring houses…

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First It Was Christchurch, Now It’s The Sky Contract. John Key Fattening His Masters AGAIN!

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

In light of Fletcher winning the bid to build the Auckland Casino expansion here is what I wrote on December 2011. In order to understand what is happening you need this information. What it basically boils down to is that John Key has presented his banking masters with a $477 million bonus by giving the contract to Fletcher.


Last week Christchurch Rapper Trillion drew my attention to a list of shareholders of Fletcher and with the news media writing about the old boys network finding cushy jobs for their offspring I thought it was time I brought out the information I was able to put together which shows exactly how incestuous the upper echelons of the international elite is and how connected John Key is to all this  and why we should not be surprised to see Nepotism rear it’s ugly head in Christchurch.

Trillion asked on his facebook…

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John Key confesses to his role in destroying the global economy on breakfast TV

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

The problem with Psychopaths is they want to brag about their achievements even if these achievements are damaging and detrimental to many others.

In this regard John Key does not differ from his Wall street mates. In fact he just did except here in New Zealand many don’t know the whole story so it sounded to most Kiwi’s as if John Key could see reason in the Occupy Wall street movement making him look like an understanding democratic leader allowing free speech and demonstrations.

Here is his confession on breakfast TV and below I fill in the blanks:

John Key says about Wall street and the Occupy movement the following:

” If you go all the way back to what’s caused the global financial crisis you can apportion an enormous amount of the blame at the foot steps of Wall street and it ultimately created products that destroyed capital around…

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