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Minister selling War

Auckland Peace Action

Minister of Defence Mark Mitchell has become a Weapons Industry spokesperson this week. The Minister issued a statement on Friday advocating for private companies to cash in on the $20 billion being pumped into the military budget.

Apparently he sees his job as promoting war profiteering by private firms. He said ‘Defence represents huge opportunities’. We’d like to remind the minister that the opportunities in war are death, horror and human misery, not profitable business deals.

The Defence Industry is the arms trade – plain and simple. They profit from war. The National government thinks an economy based on endless wars and death is a great way to boost growth. We think a war economy is not only morally repugnant, but it is economic suicide as well.

At a time when there is a massive arms build up in the Pacific, and war talk from the US and North Korea…

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Social Detox: On addiction, recovery and refusing to be compliant

Courageous act, to detox. Good luck Chloe.


Day One

I am writing this to you from Puna Whakataa, which is a Social Detox unit in Auckland, New Zealand, and what this means is that I have decided my addiction to alcohol has spiralled out of control and it was time to get some help.  Puna Whakataa acts as a respite from your life, your triggers, and your troubles. Going into respite gives you some time out to reflect and get clean and to begin practicing some self-care.

I’ve been told that you have to hit rock bottom before you make the decision to really, do something drastic about your addiction/s like go into Social Detox. But I don’t want to hit rock bottom. I’ve seen what rock bottom looks like for other people and the road back from the bottom seems like a hard and hellish climb. So, here I am writing this to you from Social…

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A Reasonable Absence…

Dare to Seek Freedom

It’s been a while since posting here with anything of substance. (The ketchup coffee post doesn’t count). But rest assured, you are not forgotten nor have I lapsed in the seeking of freedom. Quite the opposite.


It’s full steam ahead with The Longest Walk NZ. Give-a-little, a free PDF download, a video and website are all up and ready. The camper is complete and we’ve been out training throughout the week. The dogs are coping well with the scary, rumbling monster we are walking with now and I’m starting to get used to the idea of hauling up a hill.

In a month’s time, the boys and I will be on our way… walking around the country… for a looooongtime. Like, share, donate, contact me with any other ideas you may have… Your support would really help.

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The Watchdog

17  April 2011  (I put this up on 16 April 2011 – but I mistakenly thought it was ‘published’ when it was still in ‘draft’ 😦

Because a number of people have complained about not been able to read “Murder at Pike River Mine?” through the link provide – I have cut and pasted the ‘timeline’ – so people can read it here.

The Pike River Mine ‘Whistleblower’ – Dr Jacob Cohen, has made some VERY serious allegations, which in my considered opinion, need a full and thorough independent investigation.

I recommend that people carefully read what follows – double-check the references for yourself – and above all – please THINK for yourself!

Penny Bright


“Although just slightly less than four weeks has expired from the time the original book wasfirst published on December 24, 2010 till now (January 21, 2011), a lot has happened in the interim as…

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We cannot participate in the lie

I used to have some respect for the poor buggers that died or survived ww2, not any more, murderers every last one of them, they got what they signed up for and for who and what is the extremely relevant question, which very few do much of anything to inquire of. Do any of you […]

via ANZAC Day, Celebration of Death and Destruction, they got what the signed up for, liars and murderers like their father before them. — leannansith