Groser bungle means Koreans can ban NZ buyers but we can’t ban theirs

Trade Minister Groser has been forced to admit in Parliament that South Korea can ban New Zealanders buying Korean homes after refusing to acknowledge this previously, Labour’s Export Growth and Trade spokesperson David Parker says
“National has blundered badly in its Korean free trade agreement.
“It is incredible that Koreans can ban New Zealanders buying their houses, but we can’t do the same here.
“This is incompetence of the highest order. Tim Groser and National have been negligent in negotiating this free trade agreement.
“This has a flow-on effect to China and the TPPA.
“Not that the acting minister Todd McClay understands that. He denied that the China FTA protected our right to ban foreign buyers of New Zealand homes, and for China to ban NZ buyers – as it has since done in some of its cities.
“Ministers Groser and McLay ought to understand this. They probably do, but…

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Wellington should not host weapons conference

Sanji Gunasekara


Between November 17 and 18, Wellington will host 200 of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers at the Defence Industry Association Annual Forum. Despite the PR spin, this 2 day event, more appropriately called a weapons conference, promises to be a bonanza for companies who are in the business of selling products that are designed to kill, maim and destroy.

As one of several New Zealand cities that are members of the ‘Mayors for Peace’ global initiative, Wellington should not be hosting this event – particularly when this year’s principal sponsor is Lockheed Martin. This US-based company is a major manufacturer of nuclear weapons and delivery systems for the US and the UK. It is nothing short of a travesty that Lockheed Martin is being given the red carpet welcome in a city that has prided itself on its nuclear free status for over three decades. And it was…

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Why Was Phil Goff Silenced And Why Did Netanyahu Phone John Key Four Times On The Day Of The Chch Earthquake

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

Update II: Wow, they deleted the link to my article on Reddit too!

Update I: I just found that my article was linked to at reddit and there were a few remarks there I thought I’d address:

First of all, I don’t see a Jewish Conspiracy. I see a country which was obtained by deceit and terror for a group of people who, while claiming they were Jews, were very much part of a secular movement. The Zionist movement is a young political movement while the Judaic faith is a very old religion and there are millions of Jews who very much against the state of Israel and who say that Jews are the people who believe in the Judaic religion and as such do not represent a race.I also see a very well organised Zionist network around the world which is well financed and which uses the terms anti…

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Gerry Brownlee

The EQC Royal Family

Gerry Brownlee is the minister in charge of EQC.  He may not work for EQC, but he definitely deserves to be mentioned as one of the EQC Royals.

Gerry has a colourful background.  He played rugby growing up and was a school bully when he went to St Bede’s.  He also bullied a disabled student that was much smaller than him.

Gerry eventually managed to teach woodworking at St Bede’s.  A student of Gerry’s says, “Gerry was very lazy and dumb.  He was supposed to know woodworking, but he was clueless.”

Another student says, “Gerry used to order pizzas to class.  The rubbish bins also had empty beer bottles.”

Most people don’t know about Gerry the alcoholic. One man says, “I went to work one morning and I saw Gerry Brownlee outside the pub, hung over, and just making a fool of himself”.

Gerry is an angry drunk.  Some people…

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