New Zealand Government amnesty allows illicit cannabis into legal industry

Hikurangi Cannabis Company

An opportunity for illict cannabis growers to enter the legal medical cannabis industry is being offered by a government amnesty and agreements to protect the value for growers.

Ruatoria based Hikurangi Cannabis Company has started a roadshow of hui with cannabis growers in the Tairawhiti region to develop agreements that will pay royalties to breeders who contribute strains that realise commercial value.

“An amnesty included in the new medicinal cannabis legislation is big news and very exciting for the industry but it will mean foreign companies and research organisations will be trying to lock up rights to commercialise New Zealand cannabis genetics” said Hikurangi operations manager Panapa Ehau.

“We have developed legal arrangements for New Zealand cannabis breeders to ensure their rights and interests are protected” said Mr Ehau.

“As the people’s cannabis company we want to make sure breeders who contribute genetics into the legal industry get ongoing benefit…

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A farmer who lost 570 ewes following an accidental 1080 drop on his farm said that 6 months later sheep were still dying

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Back in 1994 Dr Meriel Watts wrote in her book The Poisoning of New Zealand*, of constant phone calls to the Soil & Health Assn by  folk asking … “Is 1080 safe & do I have to let them drop it on my property?” The Association’s view at the time she said was ‘no’ and ‘no’. Soil & Health’s submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s Possum Management review stated that “the current practice of distributing by air large amounts of 1080-laced carrot and pollard baits over large areas has lead to unacceptable risks to the environment, human health, dogs, farm stock, birds and other members of the ecosystem.” (p 186, 187).

That submission cited various incidents experienced by farmers.

“In one case a South Island farm lost 570 ewes when 1080 was dropped in his pastures as a result of the helicopter swinging too wide when dropping over…

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Penarth Daily News

The odd-looking Belgian motor-hopper MV Sloeber splits herself open from stem to stern to disgorge hundreds of tonnes of ‘nuclear mud’ into the sea off Penarth after dark last night

The first of hundreds of consignments of allegedly radioactive mud from the Somerset coast (adjacent to the Hinkley Point nuclear power station) was deposited off Penarth last night under cover of darkness.

The curious looking Belgian motor-hopper Sloeber made her first round trip from Hinkley Point to the Cardiff Grounds – a mile off shore from Penarth. She then  opened-up her belly underwater to disgorge thousands of tonnes of mud on one massive “bowel movement” –   last night .

As darkness fell the MV Sloeber with at least 2,000 tonnes of mud aboard, had set out from the Hinkley Point nuclear complex and skirted around the Monkstone Light en route to the Cardiff Grounds

Although the Conservative-run Vale…

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Could this Healthy 23 Year Old’s Cardiac Arrest Have Been Caused by Exposure to 1080? … We Will Never Know Because Incredibly, the NZ Lab Lost Her Heart!

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This story is from 2006, a shocking story in more ways than one. Shocking and sad for the family of this young woman, Whitney Robie, who was only 23. She had been hiking in the South Island, felt unwell, and after retiring to bed, died in her sleep of a sudden cardiac arrest it was later ascertained. Now they are left with few answers and no real closure regarding the why of her death. The Doctor she saw that day was concerned she had possibly been exposed to 1080 on her hike. Read on.


She had come here to our ‘clean green’ paradise to live. Sadly she died here.

(NZ is not clean and green people, it is severely polluted and toxic now … and worse, our authorities lie about that).

Sudden accidental deaths (SADs) do happen however this story has some anomalies which could have but have not been solved due…

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The NZ Doctor threatened by the Ministry of Health says NZ’s 1080 ‘Battle for the Birds’ seems more like a mad scientist experiment to kill off every living thing

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Here is recent communication from Dr Charlie Baycroft posted by Carol Sawyer. He has been threatened with prosecution by the Ministry of Health for suggesting folk have before and after 1080 tests if they are worried about being affected by a 1080 poison drop. FYI if you are unfamiliar with the non-mainstream science & dialogue on 1080, see our 1080 pages for links & particularly watch the 4x international award winning film  ‘Poisoning Paradise’ by NZ’s GrafBoys, a film the NZ government doesn’t want you to see. For more information on previous suspected poisonings by 1080 see this page. Search categories (left of page) for other recent 1080 articles or use the search box.  The following three articles are of particular relevance to the info below about and by Dr Baycroft. The second one describes the concerns another NZ Medical Doctor had about 1080 poisoning that went unrecognized by the…

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RIMPAC: why we shouldn’t

Auckland Peace Action

In June this year 26 navies from around the world will be participating in the Rim of the Pacific exercises hosted by the US navy. Given that New Zealand is acting as the sea combat commander for these exercises it might be worth examining whether we as a country should be spending significant sums of money on these exercises. My considered opinion is that such spending is foolish and ill – considered for the following reasons:

The USA is a singularly unpleasant imperial power

Involving ourselves in exercises of this kind signals at least a tacit approval of the actions of the country organising them. In the case of RIMPAC, this is the United States of America, the most powerful, wealthiest and most heavily militarised state in the world. If we wish to decide whether to support the US militarily, we would do well to consider their moral record and…

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Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in Aotearoa/NZ from 1999 to 2008

The Ice Bloc

By popular demand, I’ve decided to put a copy of my master’s dissertation on the blog for anyone interested to have a browse. Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in Aotearoa/NZ from 1999 to 2008 represents both a year of my life and, as far as I’m aware, one of the only serious historical studies of the radical left in NZ during the 2000s. Further it’s the first attempt at putting the histories of the International Socialists, Socialist Worker, the Workers Party, and the Wellington anarchist scene to paper. I consider this work to be just the start. Much more needs to be done on the NZ radical left both for the benefit of political studies in New Zealand and for the left in this country to retract itself from the quagmire it’s found itself in today.

Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in NZ

I don’t have much else to say…

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Keyboard conversation from the comfort of the lounge.