RIMPAC: why we shouldn’t

Auckland Peace Action

In June this year 26 navies from around the world will be participating in the Rim of the Pacific exercises hosted by the US navy. Given that New Zealand is acting as the sea combat commander for these exercises it might be worth examining whether we as a country should be spending significant sums of money on these exercises. My considered opinion is that such spending is foolish and ill – considered for the following reasons:

The USA is a singularly unpleasant imperial power

Involving ourselves in exercises of this kind signals at least a tacit approval of the actions of the country organising them. In the case of RIMPAC, this is the United States of America, the most powerful, wealthiest and most heavily militarised state in the world. If we wish to decide whether to support the US militarily, we would do well to consider their moral record and…

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Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in Aotearoa/NZ from 1999 to 2008

The Ice Bloc

By popular demand, I’ve decided to put a copy of my master’s dissertation on the blog for anyone interested to have a browse. Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in Aotearoa/NZ from 1999 to 2008 represents both a year of my life and, as far as I’m aware, one of the only serious historical studies of the radical left in NZ during the 2000s. Further it’s the first attempt at putting the histories of the International Socialists, Socialist Worker, the Workers Party, and the Wellington anarchist scene to paper. I consider this work to be just the start. Much more needs to be done on the NZ radical left both for the benefit of political studies in New Zealand and for the left in this country to retract itself from the quagmire it’s found itself in today.

Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in NZ

I don’t have much else to say…

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United’s Attempts to End Transfer Window Chaos – Impose Martial Law !

Capricorn Astrology Research

We have finally reached the point where 50% of the world’s wealth has been trousered by 1% of the population.

It seems that the rest of us can do nothing about this state of affairs rather than hope to persuade some of these billionaires to humiliate themselves by buying a football club.

For some reason, the notorious acumen of these people deserts them immediately as they start acting like a 4 year old who has just discovered Football Manager.

Take Roman Abramovich for example. The Sun in Scorpio trine the Moon in Pisces and square to Jupiter, enabled him to ruthlessly and secretively exploit the post Soviet chaos to end up owning most of Russia’s oil.

But since he bought Chelsea 12 years ago it seems he’s been trying to give it all back.

In that time, Abramovich has got rid of 9 managers at a compensation cost of £ 72m, despite them…

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A footnote on Anzac Day 2018

Auckland Peace Action

When, like me, you’ve spent several years trying to share narratives about ANZAC day that don’t match up with the officially sanctioned ones, you begin after a while to hear certain phrases repeated back at you. One which I hear quite often from otherwise quite reasonable people is that the ceremonies are a commemoration rather than a celebration, and thus do not glorify war, as we claim that they do. While this is not entirely false, it misses the point, which is that the way in which the ceremonies are carried out is carefully crafted so as to present an image of our history that does glorify war. In short, it’s not what’s said at the ceremony, it’s what the ceremony says.

It’s worth noting to start with that New Zealand, as with most colonial countries, has a pathological level of apathy towards the study of history. The majority of…

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Free Meth/The War on P


So almost 10 years ago, the National Government announced its ‘WAR ON P’.
Since then, usage rates have remained exactly the same, arrests have gone way up and things are actually getting worse.
Who would have thought? Why does this happen?
When meth first hit the scene, I was there. This was in the early 2000’s. All the gangs switched to making it or selling it and it became difficult to source other drugs. Many non gang sources did the same.
LSD, speed, oil, hash, ecstasy, ketamine, all those fun drugs which used properly, respectfully and by knowledgeable adults, can lead to a great night in, a night out out or ‘into the within’, disappeared. Cannabis was still plentiful but it became harder to get all those other things, and easier to buy meth. While its always been hard to get things like cocaine in NZ…

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War Expo … thoughts

Church in Progress

It’s hard to write about my experiences of blockading the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) 2017 forum at Westpac Stadium in Wellington. I think it’s because I’m showing signs of grieving – I’m exhausted, I cry unexpectedly and it feels like I’m yearning for something.

But why would I be grieving?

My guess is I’m in the process of saying goodbye to the world-view that I once knew. The world in which police were there to protect me, a place where people didn’t really, surely, enjoy making money from dealing in weapons of mass destruction and full of people who didn’t mind taking an extra ten minutes to get to work if it meant supporting a peaceful protest.

It was an early start on Tuesday for us and our travelling buddies from ROCC and SOUL. The aim was to meet up with all the other protesters at 6.30am…

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Pukaha Mt Bruce, 49 dead kiwi since 2013 – only one ever tested for poisoning – from DoC’s own records

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Pukaha – Mt Bruce is a 942 hectare, un-fenced wildlife project situated in the Wairarapa Region of the North Island of New Zealand. It claims great success in the recovery of re-introduced bird species like kiwi – but the dark truth is, that kiwi are dying in large numbers, and the decline is directly pointing to pesticides like the aerially spread 1080 poison, or their failure to kill targeted species. This clip investigates the claims and catastrophes that are Mt Bruce …

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