Open letter to Winston Peters

Kia Ora Gaza

This video posted on Youtube by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on 27 January 2019 shows Netanyahu’s “warm welcome” for NZ Defence Minister Ron Marks. The NZ delegation included National MP and Associate Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tim Macindoe.

By John Minto, The Daily Blog, 10 May, 2019 

Open letter to Winston Peters, Minister of Foreign Affairs

On 30 April pro-Zionist lobbyist Mark Jennings wrote an opinion piece on the Newsroom website in which he says:

“The new relationship comes as New Zealand and Israeli governments look close to signing an innovation agreement which will formalise the developing relationship”

We are appalled the government appears to be considering an even closer relationship with Israel despite the ongoing theft of Palestinian land, the ongoing brutal Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza while Israel continues to thumb its nose at international law and…

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The Christchurch Call – not good news for free speech?

The Inquiring Mind

Macron meets with Zuckerberg to discuss how to oppress free speech. All for our good you understand.

Note, for Ardern sycophants, the report has the tagline France takes lead.

So much for world leader Ms Ardern.

Meanwhile in NZ there a couple of interesting items.

On The Spinoff was this article about Macron’s approach to free speech. The article was by Branko Marcetic, who is an editorial assistant at Jacobin magazine and a freelance journalist who wiles away the hours writing about New Zealand and US politics.

This  took my eye in particular:

Macron invited some of the country’s leading media outlets to the Élysée Palace earlier this year, where he appeared to suggest the French government needed to take a stronger hand in the news business. Expressing his worries about “the state of information and the truth”, he urged the re-establishment of “levels of confidence” and a “hierarchy…

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Urgent Action Alert – End NZ’s military role in the Iraq war forever – Say No War on Iran

Auckland Peace Action

Dear Auckland Peace Action friends,

On 30 June 2019, New Zealand’s deployment to Iraq is due to end. We want to make sure that happens. This
current deployment of up to 121 soldiers has already been extended
twice. It continues the little-known but 15-year-long New Zealand
military occupation in Iraq. Recent revelations
about the deployment suggest it has undergone significant changes
expanding its original mandate into some questionable activities.

We are asking you to take action today as a decision will be taken in the next two weeks.Cabinet
invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence to
report back to Cabinet before the end of April 2019 on possible options
for New Zealandcontributions to Iraq from July 2019.We
need you to tell this government to end NZ’s military role in Iraq. We
need you to tell this government that you do not support NZ troops being

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Seasoned fire fighters describe the heat in fires as like nothing they’ve ever seen before – is Aluminum Oxide from geoengineering the accelerant?

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

South Canterbury Sky Watch

Published on Feb 5, 2016

“Fire, Fire and more bloody fires. Yes fires can be a natural occurrence but when there is an ingredient or an accelerant delivered from above, I think that’s when the “natural”occurrences end and it kind of becomes deliberate.
One has to really wonder what the hell is going on above our heads with all these white lines of crap that are being seen here there and everywhere. Lines that start and stop, lines that cross over each other, from North to South or East to West, these straight looking clouds are NOT natural, they are coming from certain aircraft.
The ingredient in the video is Aluminum Oxide (AO). With so many rain results, not only here in New Zealand,
https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.c… , but around the world, showing Aluminum in rain water, is it any wonder why these fires take hold and become…

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New Zealand Government amnesty allows illicit cannabis into legal industry

Hikurangi Cannabis Company

An opportunity for illict cannabis growers to enter the legal medical cannabis industry is being offered by a government amnesty and agreements to protect the value for growers.

Ruatoria based Hikurangi Cannabis Company has started a roadshow of hui with cannabis growers in the Tairawhiti region to develop agreements that will pay royalties to breeders who contribute strains that realise commercial value.

“An amnesty included in the new medicinal cannabis legislation is big news and very exciting for the industry but it will mean foreign companies and research organisations will be trying to lock up rights to commercialise New Zealand cannabis genetics” said Hikurangi operations manager Panapa Ehau.

“We have developed legal arrangements for New Zealand cannabis breeders to ensure their rights and interests are protected” said Mr Ehau.

“As the people’s cannabis company we want to make sure breeders who contribute genetics into the legal industry get ongoing benefit…

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A farmer who lost 570 ewes following an accidental 1080 drop on his farm said that 6 months later sheep were still dying

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Back in 1994 Dr Meriel Watts wrote in her book The Poisoning of New Zealand*, of constant phone calls to the Soil & Health Assn by  folk asking … “Is 1080 safe & do I have to let them drop it on my property?” The Association’s view at the time she said was ‘no’ and ‘no’. Soil & Health’s submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s Possum Management review stated that “the current practice of distributing by air large amounts of 1080-laced carrot and pollard baits over large areas has lead to unacceptable risks to the environment, human health, dogs, farm stock, birds and other members of the ecosystem.” (p 186, 187).

That submission cited various incidents experienced by farmers.

“In one case a South Island farm lost 570 ewes when 1080 was dropped in his pastures as a result of the helicopter swinging too wide when dropping over…

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