Christchurch, Fletcher and Zombie banks…? Are John Key’s masters making a mint out of the Christchurch Quake?

No wonder Kiwi’s are broke, every cent going to rebuilding Christchurch is going off shore. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

Last week Christchurch Rapper Trillion drew my attention to a list of shareholders of Fletcher and with the news media writing about the old boys network finding cushy jobs for their offspring I thought it was time I brought out the information I was able to put together which shows exactly how incestuous the upper echelons of the international elite is and how connected John Key is to all this  and why we should not be surprised to see Nepotism rear it’s ugly head in Christchurch.

Trillion asked on his facebook page who owns Fletcher building and wondered intoning my facebook page (which I thought was very flattering) in which of those shareholders, the majority of which were banks, John Key would have shares causing John Key to make money indirectly of the Chch quake and having a possible conflict of interest in appointing Fletcher building as the company rebuilding…

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