John Key confesses to his role in destroying the global economy on breakfast TV

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

The problem with Psychopaths is they want to brag about their achievements even if these achievements are damaging and detrimental to many others.

In this regard John Key does not differ from his Wall street mates. In fact he just did except here in New Zealand many don’t know the whole story so it sounded to most Kiwi’s as if John Key could see reason in the Occupy Wall street movement making him look like an understanding democratic leader allowing free speech and demonstrations.

Here is his confession on breakfast TV and below I fill in the blanks:

John Key says about Wall street and the Occupy movement the following:

” If you go all the way back to what’s caused the global financial crisis you can apportion an enormous amount of the blame at the foot steps of Wall street and it ultimately created products that destroyed capital around…

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