Memories of the Camino

Sanjiva Wijesinha

Companeros on The Camino

Five years after I completed my Camino, I look back on many happy memories of people and places.

Along my journey I connected with innumerable folk with whom I felt united in what was a common quest. My slow pace of travel allowed me to enjoy the variety and natural beauty of the region – the majestic Pyrenees, the rolling vineyards of the Rioja, the forest-clad hills east of Burgos, the unrelenting flatness of the wheat fields of Castille, the snow-capped peaks of the Cantabrian mountains, the sparsely populated hill country of the Maragatos, the almond blossoms of the Bierzo valley and the Irish mists and greyness of Galicia.

Now back in my own home, when oft I lie in vacant or in pensive mood, I see in my mind’s eye sunlight dappling on a stream trickling underneath an ancient stone bridge – or a windswept view of the Pyrenees…

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