Gerry Brownlee

The EQC Royal Family

Gerry Brownlee is the minister in charge of EQC.  He may not work for EQC, but he definitely deserves to be mentioned as one of the EQC Royals.

Gerry has a colourful background.  He played rugby growing up and was a school bully when he went to St Bede’s.  He also bullied a disabled student that was much smaller than him.

Gerry eventually managed to teach woodworking at St Bede’s.  A student of Gerry’s says, “Gerry was very lazy and dumb.  He was supposed to know woodworking, but he was clueless.”

Another student says, “Gerry used to order pizzas to class.  The rubbish bins also had empty beer bottles.”

Most people don’t know about Gerry the alcoholic. One man says, “I went to work one morning and I saw Gerry Brownlee outside the pub, hung over, and just making a fool of himself”.

Gerry is an angry drunk.  Some people…

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