Domestic Violence and International Women’s day RMT


Today I would like to show my solidarity with women all over the world on International Women’s day and to raise the issue of domestic violence against women. The RMT have released a model domestic violence policy for the transport industry which I hope gets rolled out to every employer.

I’m Caroline Leneghan, I’m a member of the RMT and assistant Branch Secretary of my RMT branch.
Until recently I was in a relationship with the RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley. During the relationship I experienced physical and mental domestic violence which made me feel hopeless to challenge. In January I reported a violent assault to the police that took place the previous year. On this occasion he kicked a pot of paint at me, threw me around by my hair and pinned me to the floor repeatedly punching me in the face. The extent of my injuries meant I…

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Open letter to Chris Finlayson: So I heard you’re a little sad your billboard fell down… poop. Here’s our story.

Well said


OK, so I read you were a little ‘disappointed’ with the vandals on your boards in Rongotai.

Here’s a novel idea – how about spending some time with the people of Rongotai? I’ve lived in this electorate over the last three elections. Never once have I had a visit, phone call or pamphlet from you or your ‘team’. I’ve asked around and the overwhelming general consensus is you aren’t even trying – or at least certainly do not care, about the people here.

I’ve seen Russel Norman, Annette King, Brent Piersen and even the Internet-Mana candidate out and about in our community – mingling around with the locals, asking them how they’re doing and if they need any help. Not once from you sir. Why is this?

If you’re looking for sympathy for this government, you aren’t going to find it on the streets of Newtown. I have been disgusted…

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Polly LaBarre: The Future of Business is Mavericks, Heretics, and Activists

Loomio Blog

Polly LabarrePolly LaBarre, cofounder of the Management Innovation Exchange (MiX), and former CNN business correspondent and senior editor of Fast Company magazine,  talks to Loomio about collaboration, democracy, technology, and the need for a new paradigm based on trust and freedom. 

Inspiring Disruptors  is a series of interviews with people at the vanguard of a new way of doing things that maximises autonomy and collaboration. 

The entire interview is well worth watching. We’ve pulled out some choice quotes below.

What does “collaboration” really mean?

The foundation of all successful collaboration is something very human – trust.  More and more organisations are waking up to the power of openness and transparency. The ideology of control – controlling people, controlling information, controlling deviations from the norm – all of that stops collaboration in its tracks.

What is the relationship between organisational change and technology?

Making organisations truly resilient, truly innovative, truly inspiring – fit for…

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Who needs a boss anyway?

The Collective

Loomio Blog

Enspiral teamEnspiral is a collective made up of individuals and companies that use the tools of business to create scalable social change. It’s mission is to get more people working on stuff that matters.

“Powerful things take place when like minded people connect, we’ve seen this repeatedly, where conversations spark ideas, which become projects, that grow into world changing ventures. Enspiral is a virtual and physical network where this happens.”

Because Enspiral is a collective, meaning no bosses, they’ve had to bootstrap their own collective decision-making system. They found that email was too convoluted for important decisions, and face-to-face meetings too time-consuming. This left just a few people feeling like they were always making the decisions.

Enter Loomio. 18 months ago, Enspiral helped found Loomio, and has been using the tool ever since, to help run this complex boss-less organisation without compromising on effectiveness.

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Interviewing Amanda Palmer on the gift economy

The gift economy. Give a little.

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Rich portrait cropped Richard D. Bartlett is one of the co-founders of Loomio. He’s also an open-source hardware enthusiast, electronic noise gadget inventor, educator and activist.

Amanda Palmer is a musician who has built a hugely successful career based on the gift economy. When you go to her webstore, you see that paying for her music is voluntary: if you’re broke – take it. if you love it, come back and kick in later when you have the money.

When Amanda came to New Zealand last year, there was a chain of events that I found pretty amazing, but were seemingly pretty typical in her extraordinary life. She had connected with a local person here in Wellington (through the internet, surprise surprise) who offered to help her put on a show. Before she even landed, there was hype through the whole city (spread, of course, through social media and word of…

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