Is John Key Aiding The Emergence Of A Greater Israel?

References to Jewish group Mossad
whose motto is By way of Deception tho shalt do war.

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

John Key’s warmongering antics are so blatantly transparent it is becoming plain to see for all.  Most of my readers will have heard John Key’s hysterical back bench tirade about how we should be going into Iraq with our “allies” but if you know people who may not have heard it please share it far and wide.

Most people may think that he is just trying to get in Obama’s good books but here is my take on it. John Key identifies as a secular Jew. He walked out of the UN when Ahmadinajad made his 2011 speech. He did so upon Israel staging the walk out with the UN in tow. His two main internet henchman have close ties to the Likud party in Israel. David Farrar visited Israel as a member of a young Likud group and was allowed a rare back stage visit at the Knesset with…

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