Putting people at the centre of policy

On The Left

(For our opening week, we asked all our contributors to think about why they’re On The Left, and what the next three years holds for the left, the government, and New Zealand.)

Leftist politics puts people at the centre of thinking and policy.

I’m on the left because I care about people and the environment more than I care about short term personal or national economic gain. This is simplistic – I am aware that economic gain often benefits people. But marginalised individuals? Minority groups? The fragile environment we need to protect and sustain? Rarely.

I have to say I used to be fairly centrist, by which I mean I was a content Labour voter and I didn’t feel like I wanted to throw myself of a cliff when National got a second term. That was before my life was drastically changed by illness, and all the things I’ve learned…

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