Mr Key Goes To War: “The question is what we do, rather than whether we do something,”

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

The choice has been made (Or perhaps has been made far earlier than we where lead to believe). Mr Key will lead us to war. If he gets push back I reckon we’re going to see a false flag Operation “Plastic Sword” incident  here in NZ and my bet is a raid on the Hamilton Mosque. Slap bank in the middle of Red Neck country!

A “domestic beheading” inspired by foreign fanatics is one of several threats New Zealand potentially faces from the so-called Islamic State, John Key said this morning.

Mr Key told The Nation a disproportionate number of Islamic State (IS) fighters were sourced from in and around Oceania. He said it was possible this would increase the likelihood of another “Bali bombing” terrorist act.

The Prime Minister said IS terrorists returning to New Zealand were another possible security risk. He said IS also posed a major risk…

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