Open letter to Chris Finlayson: So I heard you’re a little sad your billboard fell down… poop. Here’s our story.

Well said


OK, so I read you were a little ‘disappointed’ with the vandals on your boards in Rongotai.

Here’s a novel idea – how about spending some time with the people of Rongotai? I’ve lived in this electorate over the last three elections. Never once have I had a visit, phone call or pamphlet from you or your ‘team’. I’ve asked around and the overwhelming general consensus is you aren’t even trying – or at least certainly do not care, about the people here.

I’ve seen Russel Norman, Annette King, Brent Piersen and even the Internet-Mana candidate out and about in our community – mingling around with the locals, asking them how they’re doing and if they need any help. Not once from you sir. Why is this?

If you’re looking for sympathy for this government, you aren’t going to find it on the streets of Newtown. I have been disgusted…

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